Frequently Asked Questions

Among all the industries in the Universe the Oil and GAs industry is too big as they are. Hence , there are many variety of job openings . Many of them are highly discrete jobs that need lots of learning as such having a Masters in petroleum engineering and the like. Presently, there is a heavy shortage of resources with apt training in oil field related works.

You don't need a formal education to get into the oil and gas industry, however. Many of the jobs are basic level or that which needs very little specialized learning whatsoever - be it be floorhand or roughneck jobs, maintenance, and what not.

Yes, there are Drug screening tests required for all job profiles. The tests will be arranged by the organization that is offering the job, arranged by HR team as part of their hiring process.

Physical tests are needed for all candidates who have taken job positions on offshore drilling plants; But certain office-based positions also will be needed to complete physical tests.

More than joining an age old industry, the recent technical developments have ensured that hydrocarbon raw resources is available in plenty and hence the volumes unearthed will surely improve and more will be the challenges. The technology developments will remain as prospective as ever.

The RigzJob work profiles covers different cross sections like upstream, midstream and downstream. We have roles in the upstream section, that covers processes from the entire subsurface to the wellhead.

One of RigzJob job site’s biggest assets has been the the diversity of job profiles and also the backgrounds working in sync and holding common objectives. As a company, RigzJob focuses to have employment opportunities across the globe and offer equal opportunities to all our applicants. We also try to take personal considerations into account in case any forms decisions about own matters or work profile selections.

As a global focused entity We believe in thoughtful leadership and our folow the best practices.