Privacy Policy

We understand that your privacy is quite significant and is dealt with utmost confidence. Our Privacy Policy elaborates RigzJob's website policies and processes on that not only covers the usage, content disclosure, and information sharing while you our Services, through the RigzJob website; but also RigzJob holds valid for the content added on subsidiaries site , on BYODs, or through one of our online applications for electronic devices. We will not, at any given point of time disclose your data with external sources except as best explained in this Privacy Policy. Our online portal's Privacy Policy does not hold valid to content we gather from other inbound sources. We reserve the right to add, append or change the statements mentioned at any time that we feel would be the right time for change.

Use of Information

Our online portal collects information from all our visitors. Personally identifiable details are collected and stored as part of our data retrieval and storage policies. The information that we store is not limited to ip addresses, cookie information, and URLs history. We use a wide variety of statistical tools to scale and understand our websites visitors browsing profile.

Sharing of Information

Our social integration feeds will have outbound and inbound access to the data we collect from all our visitors. Enabling of content sharing from visitor locations is at the user's discretion. We will not be held responsible for any misuse of data that we share with our outbound data feeders.

We also share information that we collect from Website visitors with third party clients for creating and sharing personalized services to a wide range of geographically spread location services. In case of legal inquiries from governing bodies, we reserve the right to share information without prior notice.

We hold the right to give information in response to any forms of urgency that would necessarily prevent all kinds of imminent and serious harm to all our stakeholders.

We would also like to inform that if we see any forms of actions that are evaluated as inconsistent with our website's user agreements or rules, or any other agreed policies, or for that matter even if it is to protect the rights, assets and other tangible factors in touch with our business.
Our online website's data collection process may also be sharing your information between our stakeholders, and our business parents and participants, associates, clausal subsidiaries, and other firms that fall under our ownership.

We reserve the right to share information with our without our visitors consent.

Usage of Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of stored information which seeks permission to be saved on your visitor's hard drive. Once visitor agrees, the saved piece of information is appended and the cookie serves to analyze website online traffic or enables information about a visitor's usage of our website. Having cookies on visitor's machine makes our website to respond as personalized services. Our web application can make use of this information and make the website behave and respond to visitor's unique requirements.

Through cookies, we also monitor the traffic log to our website and other affiliates. Here we gather information regarding pages visited, IPs, number of hits to each URL and other related parameters, this would help us in statistical analysis of our website and help to plan changes as and when required to gather more visitors online. If you do not agree to store cookies from our website we strongly recommend leaving our website to avoid any further conflicts of interest.

Advertisers and Partners

Our advertising associates and network would make use of cookies and other related methodologies either technical or social, to gather data when advertisements are offered to clients on our Services, but we under any circumstances do not link to or offer our client / visitor details to these advertising stakeholders. This means that we as business will not offer any individual account related online browsing data with advertisers.


We periodically update our website's Privacy Policy, which is fully in our terms and discretion. We hold the right to notify on any forms of changes to the way in which we use any forms of shared Information, by publishing a notice on relevant areas of the Services. We may also offer intimation to you in all possible ways which is in our discretion, like contact information that you have shared. Any forms of updated version to our Privacy Policy will be immediately effective upon publishing of the reviewed Privacy Policy unless specifically mentioned.

This Privacy Policy is applicable to all the services that are delivered by RigzJob and our affiliates, and service providers offered on all platforms. Our Privacy Policy is however not applicable to services that are given by third organizations or associates, linked from our services party. Our Privacy Policy also does not cover the right to information practices of associated companies and stakeholders who advertise our specific data driven services, and other technologies to offer relevant advertisements.

Any disputes on our privacy policy experienced by our visitors in terms of usage of our website information will be legally bound and hence we urge whoever does not abide by our policy statement would the necessary consequences.