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RigzJob is excited to offer to all visitors to our sites, the latest software, technical applications, content, personalized products and customized services that may be branded, owned or maybe licensed by RigzJob. These mentioned website terms rule visitors’ usage and our hold of the RigzJob Services on which the terms posted via our websites, as well as with related Services we make available on all of our third-party associates and platforms if the mentioned terms are disclosed to visitors in relation with the use of the RigzJob Services. Hence, we urge all our visitors to kindly read the website terms closely prior to continuing usage of our services.

Generic Terms

Access to the RigzJob website or the usage of the website information includes user's agreement with the mentioned terms and conditions. We expect our visitors to acknowledge and abide by the terms and conditions and also expects the acceptance of the terms thereof. By visiting our website we expect our visitors to read these terms and conditions carefully before proceeding with usage using the website. RigzJob holds the right, at its under our sole discretion, to review, change, append or perform other relevant changes to any part of these terms and conditions, in either entirely or partly, at any given point of time. The notification of modifications in these terms and conditions will be published on our website, and all our users continued browsing and usage of the website denoted acknowledgement of revised terms and abide by the terms and conditions as modified.

We wish to disclose that the user's right to RigzJob website usage is not transferable under any circumstances and is subject to any constraints established by RigzJob.

RigzJob can or may modify, hold, or even plan to drop any aspect of the website terms at any time, at our sole prudence, without any forms of prior notice and without any culpability to user or any 3rd party for such modification, withstanding, or drop of closures. RigzJob may also force constraints on specific features and services or restrict website visitors’ access to parts or whole of the website without notice or liability.

If any of our website users’ feel the terms are objective the only option we advise is to immediately discontinue usage of the RigzJob website. As long as our users continue to use the website, RigzJob will extend to depend on user's full acceptance and consent with these terms and conditions.

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The terms of this website will be represented by and interpreted as per the laws, which also abide in as the setting for any format emerging out of or identified with this ascension or the utilization of the RigzJob site or its affiliates, without having impact to the service legal agreements.